Raphaëlle Latini

Raphaëlle Latini / groupe ENTORSE

Born in Caen in 1971, Raphaëlle Latini has danced since she was a child, studying both classical and contemporary dance. She is a protean artist, a graphic designer, videographer and set designer, but it was in 2003 that she began reconstructing her everyday life around a different passion: the character of Madame Twill, acoustic, intimate, regenerative and completely necessary, with a distinctive graphic and acoustic identity.

Groupe Entorse, founded by Raphaëlle Latini in 2007, has collaborated with artists from a wide range of fields (including dancers, actors and lighting designers), creating shows, performances and installations which mix choreography, music, set design and lighting, and permanently require the exploration of all possible interactions between these fields.

The Groupe’s specific project isn’t so much the formalistic search for a signature movement, but rather the desire to create a resonance, to constantly tune in to this transdisciplinary artistic process which constitutes its singular object.
Right from the beginning, each of the Groupe’s project is thought and conceived as much for the stage as for alternative spaces and audiences.

It is collective work, fed by the perspective each artist brings to the materials offered by the others. Simultaneously performance, concert and installation, each work changes under the influences of its participants as well as the many possible interactions between them. In addition to this framework which is unique to the Groupe Entorse, the ability to improvize is strongly encouraged, bringing a unique flavor to each performance, involving the acceptance of a direct risk to the performers as well as for the spectators.

Groupe Entorse has been resident in the region of Basse-Normandie since its inception. A network of loyal partners, both institutional and production partners, accompany the company. It is registered with the DRAC and the Normandie region for support in structuration and also receives support from the Conseil Général of Calvados, the city of Caen and ODIA Normandie.

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Administration, production, touring : Blandine Drouin
+33 1 43 38 23 71 / production@lesindependances.com