Les Indépendances

Les Indépendances

Les Indépendances is a Paris-based performing arts production agency.
It was founded in 2010 by Philippe Chamaux and is currently under the direction of Colin Pitrat.

What we do :
We bring together artists working in multiple disciplines with their own unique aesthetics. We encourage networking and the development of atypical creations, giving them visibility in Europe and abroad.
Our work is shaped through dialogue and engagement with the artists. We collaborate with them according to their individual needs and support them throughout their artistic journeys.
We offer them a wide range of resources and skills, building a comprehensive support system ranging from administration and production services & tour organization to distribution & long-term strategies.

Philippe Chamaux, President
Matthieu Banvillet, Treasurer
Jean-Christophe Boissonnade, Secretary

Florence Bourgeon, distribution and development manager (for theater)
Manon Cardineau, production assistant
Blandine Drouin, production manager
Mathieu Hilléreau, production administrator
Clémence Huckel, production manager
Colin Pitrat, production director

How to reach us
Phone : +33 (0)1 43 38 23 71
Email : production@lesindependances.com

Les Indépendances is a member of
Production offices have come together as a regular working group to share their experiences, deal with their sustainability challenges, and also to look forward to developments in the face of changes in the culture and performing Arts.
Les Indépendances participates in this reflection with Les Yeux dans les Mots (Caen), La Magnanerie (Paris-Pau), Fabrik Cassiopée (Paris), in’8 circle • maison de production (Marseille), Accolytes (Toulouse), Akompani (Pantin), Latitudes Prod (Lille), AlterMachine (Paris), l’Amicale de production (Lille) and Ligne Directe (Paris).
Contact : contact@thinkprod.fr

Les Indépendances is in partnership with
The opening of the Espace Bertrand Grimont marks a new stage in the journey of its founders, reunited around art, and a greater commitment to their convictions.

In the heart of the Marais, a stone’s throw from the Centre Pompidou, a factory of possibilities at the service of contemporary creation is emerging. Espace Bertrand Grimont is characterized by its eclectic dimension, its human scale and its sincere ambition to defend multidisciplinarity.
With its coffee, grocery store, meeting and exchange facilities, Le Banc ensures that alternative initiatives have a voice. In February 2020, it will host a transversal and multidisciplinary programme in order to reveal the dimensions of the place as an agora and a hub. The programming will be developed in partnership with Les Indépendances.