Alors, est-ce que c'est là?

Alors, est-ce que c'est là?

Clémentine Baert / A & P

So is it here?

A woman goes looking for a missing man and wonders if what he told her before vanishing was true. This man has always been at the center of her life, a truly out of the ordinary, exciting and heroic life. Or was it?

A piece created in March 2015 at the Théâtre de Vanves

Production A&P with the support of the Théâtre de Vanves, the Ménagerie de Verre (Studiolab) and the 104 Paris (Résidence d’essai)

Directed by and starring Clémentine Baert
Composition & sound design Alexandre Meyer
Light Philippe Gladieux

Administration, production Clémence Huckel
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