Dans les ruines d'Athènes

Dans les ruines d'Athènes

Julie Bertin et Jade Herbulot / Le Birgit Ensemble

In Athens, the contestants of the latest reality show “Parthenon Story” enter the TV set dragging their suitcases behind them. While the Athenians begin to suffer from the economic and social consequences of the banking crisis that is ravaging stock markets, the new Greek minister of Finance reveals the true figure of the public deficit. Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy. The daily lives of the contestants of the show are broadcast live on the big screen, while on set, the members of the Eurogroup, the IMF and the EU are meeting to reach a decision on the fate of the country.


The Birgit Ensemble invites the spectators to keep their phones on: an app allows them to participate in real-time in what is being played in front of their eyes. Gradually, the realities are blending. The boundaries between the play and the reality are blurring. Everyone must share an opinion: should Greece leave the Euro zone? Should Cassandra leave Parthenon Story? What will the polls reveal? What will the public say? Will Pallas Athena help us? Nothing is less sure…


Created in 2017
Duration: 2h35


Conception and direction Julie Bertin & Jade Herbulot – The Birgit Ensemble
With Eléonore Arnaud, Julie Bertin, Lou Chauvain / Elissa Alloula, Pauline Deshons, Pierre Duprat, Anna Fournier, Kevin Garnichat, Jade Herbulot, Lazare Herson-Macarel, Antonin Bonnet-Fadinard, Timothée Lepeltier / Edouard Pénaud, Hélène Rencurel / Elsa Guedj, Estelle Meyer, Morgane Nairaud / Zoé Fauconnet, Loïc Riewer, Marie Sambourg
Direction assistant Margaux Eskenazi
Scenography Camille Duchemin
Sound design Lucas Lelièvre
Sound engineer Lucas Lelièvre and Vassili Bertrand
Voice-over Venia Stamatiadi
Music, arrangements Grégoire Letouvet
Lyrics Romain Maron
Original soundtrack musicians Marc-Antoine Perrio (Guitars), Nicolas Charlier (Drums), Mathias Levy et Stéphanie Moraly (Violins), Caroline Donin (Viola), Patrick Langot (Cello)
Video and multimedia Pierre Nouvel
Video engineer Théo Lavirotte
Lights design Grégoire de Lafond assisted by Hugo Fleurance
Lighting engineer Grégoire de Lafond and Hugo Fleurance
Costumes Camille Aït-Allouache
Dressers Camille Aït-Allouache and Audrey Walbott
Stage engineer François Rey
General engineer Marco Benigno


Production The Birgit Ensemble
Coproduction Festival d’Avignon, MC2: Grenoble, Scène Nationale d’Aubusson, Théâtre des Quartiers d’Ivry – CDN du Val-de-Marne, La Pop, Le POC – Alfortville, La Comédie de Caen – CDN de Normandie, Le TU Nantes, Le Théâtre de Châtillon, Théâtre Gérard Philipe de Champigny-sur-Marne, Les Plateaux Sauvages, Co-pilot
With the support of the DRAC Île-de-France, the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council as part of the creation assistance, the SPEDIDAM as part of the creation and soundtrack assistance, the SACD Fund Musique de scène, the SACD Fund Theatre and the Île-de-France Region as part of the creation creation assistance.

With the artistic participation of the Jeune Théâtre National.
The Birgit Ensemble is supported by the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council.
Thanks to Yannis Androulidakis, François Arvantis, Christian Biet, Basile Doganis, Romaric Godin, Adéa Guillot, Dimitri Kranias, Clara Lama-Schmit, Alexandros Mistriotis, Dora Pavlidou, Dimitri Tarlov, Le Théâtre des Quartiers d Ivry – CDN du Val-de-Marne, La MC93 – Bobigny.

The sets were built at the Atelier Devineau – Blanc-Mesnil.