Le Périmètre de Denver

Le Périmètre de Denver


Le Périmètre de Denver (The Denver Perimeter) is a work which explores the idea of the object as allegory, with an extremely physical approach to the use of words, illustrated using a constantly changing physical presence, and a conflict between reality/ fake-reality/ artifice and what we call the “Rashomon” effect.

Le Périmètre de Denver retraces an investigation into a murder which took place in 2008 at a thalassotherapy spa hotel in the UK. Seven people testify about what they saw, about how and why they entered the mental danger zone which is the “Denver Perimeter.” Who killed the victim? Is it necessary to step outside the Perimeter?

Running time: 1 hr 15 mn
For those aged 14 and up

conception, direction, text and sound creation: Vimala Pons
artistic collaboration: Tsirihaka Harrivel
artistic coordination and production: Adeline Ferrante
creative administration: Benjamin Bertrand
production administration: Benjamin Bertrand, Benoit Laurent
sound design and creation: Anaëlle Marsollier, Annabelle Maillard
video and lighting design: Arnaud Pierrell
lighting and video management: Arnaud Pierrel, Alexandre Dubus
dresser: Agathe Poitevin
costume design: Marie La Rocca, Anne Tesson, Rémy Ledudal
dressers for the production: Mélanie Leprince, Anaïs Parola
prop builders: Charlotte Wallet, Olivier Boisson, Atelier de Nanterre-Amandiers CDN, Marlène Bouana
collaboration on SFX, prosthetic building: l’Atelier 69, Elise Lahouassa
collaboration on sets: Marion Flament and Jimme Cloo (Bigtime Studio)
conception of electro/ video systems: Alex Hardellet, Charles Sadoul
collaboration on lighting system: Sylvain Verdet
Ircam computerized music collaboration: Robin Meier
pyrotechnicians: Marc Chevillon, Benjamin Bertrand, Benoit Laurent
production, touring: Adeline Ferrante
production administration: Alice Couzelas
coordinator for administration, production, touring: Mathieu Hilléreau – Les Indépendances

Production: TOUT ÇA / QUE ÇA

Coproductions: Nanterre-Amandiers, centre dramatique national, 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie • La Brèche, Cherbourg • Cirque Théâtre, Elbeuf, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, CDN Orléans / Centre-Val de Loire, Bonlieu, Scène nationale d’Annecy, Le TAP, Poitiers, La Coursive, Scène nationale de La Rochelle, MC2: Maison de la Culture de Grenoble, Espace Malraux, Scène nationale de Chambéry, Le CENTQUATRE-Paris, Les Spectacles vivants – Centre Pompidou Paris, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles, Ircam-Centre Pompidou, Les Subsistances, Laboratoire de création artistique, Lyon
Support: French Ministry of Culture – General Direction for Artistic Creation, DRAC Île-de-France
This action is also supported by the Île-de-France region

Tsirihaka Harrivel and Vimala Pons are Associated Artists at the CENTQUATRE (Paris) and at the 2 pôles Circus in Normandy platform (2020-2021-2022).
Vimala Pons is also an Associated Artist at the CDN in Orléans/Val-de-Loire and at the MC2-in Grenoble.
The company TOUT ÇA / QUE ÇA is registered and supported by the French Minstry of Culture – DRAC Île-de-France.