CHANTAL, de l'autre côté du miroir

CHANTAL, de l'autre côté du miroir

Groupe Chiendent

What if Alice’s name was not Alice but Chantal? And what if Chantal was not 7 but rather 35 years old and was a professional actress in the Oiseau-Mouche company? What would this journey to the land of the unconscious look like?


Chantal, on the other side of the mirror is a modern tale, freely inspired by Lewis Caroll, in which Chantal, a 35-year-old actress of the Oiseau-Mouche, plunges us into a dreamlike stroll.


A meeting place is given to the spectators of the city, a place known by everyone. Chantal shares the story of her career as an actress and her relationship to theatrical play. The play begins like a conversation, where one pretends not to act.

And just like Alice, lying on the grass and abandoning herself to her dream without even noticing, it is this dream that takes us into the rabbit hole. A stroll begins with this life story like Ariadne’s thread and carries the show and the spectators in the city.

In this journey, other characters appear: The Lost Childhood, The Old Age played by two volunteer residents and The Others, played by two actors. Through this five voices’ tale, spectators follow a path and push, little by little, various gates without ever really knowing if what they find is real or imaginary.


Chantal, on the other side of the mirror carries us to the point of putting us in someone else’s shoes by sharing her past, her dreams, her fears and joys in an exhilarating round-trip between the infinitely small and the infinitely universal.


With Chantal Esso, Thierry Dupont and Philippe Lermusiaux

Direction Nadège Cathelineau and Julien Frégé

Music Cyril Leclerc, Elizabeth Saint Jalmes with the help of Thierry Dupont

Light elements Cyril Leclerc

Plastic elements Elizabeth Saint Jalmes


Production Oiseau-Mouche company and Groupe Chiendent

Coproduction Centre Dramatique National Normandie-Rouen
With support from Métropole Européenne de Lille as part of “Les Belles Sorties 2021”, and from Théâtre du Nord, CDN Lille Tourcoing Hauts-de-France
Form ambulatory performance

Capacity 80 people (depending on the place)

Duration 1h15 minutes

Age 12 and older