Nadège Cathelineau et Julien Frégé

Nadège Cathelineau et Julien Frégé/Groupe Chiendent

The Groupe Chiendent was founded in 2015 in Rouen. Directed by Nadège Cathelineau and Julien Frégé, it aims to create modern creations where artistic disciplines meet at the service of an object, a form. The company follows a research dynamic, which responds to a necessity, one to voice, to convey, and to do. Through the use of the body, words and visuals, theatre becomes a place for emotional and social upheaval, with the strong belief that theatre offers an opportunity to disrupt intimate complexes where the daily solitary shame of the individual facing the norm, can collapse within the time of a show.
Alongside their own creations, the company is committed to make theatre happens wherever it can take place, support art so it becomes always more necessary and close to citizens. Nadège Cathelineau and Julien Frégé are committed to engage in assiduous territorial work with a diverse audience and to continue artistic experimentations through meetings and transmission in hospitals, prisons, social centers, on the streets and in schools.
In 2021, the Groupe Chiendent will work in collaboration with the l’Oiseau Mouche Company’s actors (Roubaix) to produce a creation – Chantal – for the Belles Sorties, a call for projects launched by Lille Metropolis.
The writing and the construction of theatrical narratives in its contemporary form is a vibrant concern of their work.
Nadège Cathelineau and Julien Frégé are artists associated with the CDN of Normandie-Rouen for three years starting from the 20-21 season. They will develop a major project around youth, desire and sexuality. The Groupe Chiendent is supported by the DRAC Normandie, the Normandy Region, the Seine-Maritime Department, the City of Rouen and ODIA Normandie.
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