CHIEN.NE – anatomie d’une violence

CHIEN.NE – anatomie d’une violence

Groupe Chiendent

CHIEN.NE is a gendered dissection of the concept of violence and a gendered interrogation about our plural (direct and indirect) practice of violence.

“We have been both, Nadège and Julien, constructed in response and in echo to the masculine dogma. Erected as a totem pole in the male-manly culture, constitutive of the figure of the hero and the warrior, the violence of man is encouraged in every kind of media content. The masculine identity is enclosed in restricted concepts that should be put back into play and motion.

Issues related to gender and the redefinition of the masculine and feminine outside a binary model directly interrogate the construction of our identities.

What tension do we foster with the stereotypes that shape us a frame as much as it locks us up? What complicity do we foster with the stigma of gendered stigmatization? Which part of shameful dreams do they carry? The so-called masculine and the expression of virility is one of the pieces that constitute our gendered identities.

In CHIEN.NE, we want to question the virility again, and the qualities assigned to the male gender as a vector to explore the field of female pluralities, as well as consider a less absolute and blurrier binary. As a whole, it is about addressing the question of mutation and transformation through the stage.”

Created in 2022, January


Direction, writing and performance Nadège Cathelineau and Julien Frégé
Music by Sébastien Lejeune / Loya
Direction Assistance Pénélope Avril
Scenography, costumes Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes
Lighting design by Cyril Leclerc
Sound engineer Maxime Jerry Fraisse
Lights engineer Marie Roussel
Stage manager Lee Armstrong or Sebastien Becker

Administration, production, diffusion Manon Cardineau, Colin Pitrat – Les Indépendances

Production Groupe Chiendent
Co-production CDN de Normandie-Rouen , Centre de Production des Paroles Contemporaines – Festival Mythos, and as part of the PAN network : Le Préau – CDN de Normandie-Vire, La Comédie de Caen – CDN de Normandie-Caen, CDN de Normandie-Rouen , DSN – Scène nationale de Dieppe, Le Tangram – Scène nationale d’Evreux Louviers Eure, Le Trident – Scène nationale de Cherbourg and Scène nationale 61 – Alençon, Flers, Mortagne
Support of DRAC Normandie, Département de la Seine-Maritime, Le Tangram – Scène nationale d’Evreux Louviers Eure, L’Étincelle – Théâtre(s) de la Ville de Rouen, Bain Public à Saint-Nazaire, Le CENTQUATRE-Paris, CCNRB – FAIR-E, CPPC – Festival Mythos

Groupe Chiendent is supported by the DRAC Normandie, the Région Normandie, the Departement Seine-Maritime, and the City of Rouen.

© Christophe Raynaud de Lage