Nasreddine, le fou, le sage

Nasreddine, le fou, le sage

Groupe Chiendent

Nasreddine, the madmen, the wise is a revolutionary performative tale first created towards young middle and high school students. In a classroom, students are welcomed by a young lecturer who, in order to awaken their consciousness and heal their adolescent crisis, invokes the character of Nasreddine. As a mythic figure of the Middle East, Nasreddine is a personified legend built around a Turkish extravagant philosopher of the 13th century.


He is the master of the discount, the dodge, the wordplay: a juggler of ideas and ideals, a symbol of non-conformism. As his invocation progresses, he gradually reveals himself and comes out of the ground in order to address the living people. With a microphone and sound effects, the lecturer organizes the progression of the performance and carries the words of the students.


Created in 2017


Direction and performance Nadège Cathelineau and Julien Frégé
General engineer Lee Armstrong

Production The Groupe Chiendent
With the support of Réseau Chainon
Thanks to CDN Rouen – Normandie

The Groupe Chiendent is supported by the DRAC Normandie, the Normandy Region, the Seine-Maritime Department, the City of Rouen and ODIA Normandie.