Un matin

Un matin

Clémentine Baert / A & P


A piece for children learning to read and older
(For 5 years old audience on)

A MORNING is a multidisciplinary show dedicated to children. This is a project that focuses on language, sounds and the meaning behind them.
A MORNING is the story of a little boy, Joshua, who wakes up one morning with something missing. He cannot speak normally, but he seems to be the only one worried.
This piece draws its singularity from the fact that it is written to address a young audience, in order to bring them, during the piece, to another way of looking at how they learn vocabulary, reading and writing.

A piece created on January 14th, 2016 at the Théâtre de Vanves.
Full video recording available upon demand.

Written and directed by Clémentine Baert
Performed by Pierre Moure & Clémentine Baert
Sound design and composition Frédéric Minière
Lighting design Philippe Gladieux
Scenography Lisa Navarro
Animation Christian Wolckman

Production A&P
With the support of the Théâtre de Vanves
With the support of the Ministère de la Culture – DRAC Ile-de-France
With the participation of the DICRéAM
Artistic residencies at Théâtre Paris-Villette & Le Vivat, Armentières

Administration, production Clémence Huckel
01 43 38 23 71 / production@lesindependances.com