Zypher Z

Zypher Z

Munstrum Théâtre

Animals rule the world. Fragile and despised, the few humans left struggle – such as Zypher, a simple employee from a poll institute directed by a stormy elephant – who never misses the chance to be trodden on.
One day, he witnesses the suicide of one of his human colleagues. A world shattering event… The lonely Zypher isn’t alone anymore : he becomes two. Who is the other ? A brother ? A doppleganger ? A fantasy ? As the power balance shifts, Zypher makes discoveries which will lead him to the confines of the tangible world, beyond identity and consciousness…
While in Covid-quarantine, we imagined this strange futuristic tale about a man, one of the very last ones alive, who begins to transform. A transformation which transports him to the borders of reality. Psychosis or duplication? Between dark comedy and Kafka, Zypher Z is as stimulating for our five senses as it is for our minds. It is the perfect representation of a quest for appeasement in the urgency of a twilight era.

“In a world made entirely for man, there might not be room for man either. All that will be left of us will be robots. We will never succeed in making ourselves entirely our own work. We are condemned forever to depend on a mystery that neither logic nor imagination can penetrate…”.
Romain Gary, Letter to the Elephant

“One must still have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star.” Nietzche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Creation in November  2021 à La Filature, Scène Nationale de Mulhouse
2 hours
From 14 years

An original creation from the Munstrum Théâtre

conception Louis Arene, Lionel Lingelser & Kevin Keiss
direction Louis Arene assisté de Maëliss Le Bricon
text Kevin Keiss & Louis Arene

with Louis Arene, Sophie Botte, Delphine Cottu, Alexandre Éthève, Lionel Lingelser, Erwan Tarlet & the voice of Judith Chemla

puppets Carole Allemand, Louise Digard, Sébastien Puech
lights Jérémie Papin with Victor Arancio
costumes Colombe Lauriot Prévost assisted by Eloïse Pons
sound & original score Jean Thévenin assisted by Ludovic Enderlen
masks Louis Arene, Louise Digard & Carole Allemand
scenography Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy
choreography Yotam Peled
effects Erwan Tarlet
stage management Valentin Paul
accessories & sound management Ludovic Enderlen
lights Victor Arancio
dresser Audrey Walbott
intern Ninon Larroque
administration, production Clémence Huckel – Les Indépendances
booking Florence Bourgeon – Les Indépendances
press Murielle Richard
photos © Jean-Louis Fernandez

Production Munstrum Théâtre
Coproductions La Filature, Scène Nationale de Mulhouse, Le Quai – CDN d’Angers Pays de la Loire, Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne – Centre dramatique national, Les Célestins Théâtre de Lyon, Châteauvallon-Liberté, scène nationale, Le Trident, scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Théâtre de Châtillon, CPPC Théâtre de L’Aire Libre
Support & residences CDN de Normandie-Rouen, La Ferme du Buisson Scène Nationale de Marne-la-Vallée, Le Monfort (Paris), le pad / invitation par la Cie Nathalie Béasse.
With the help of Jeune Théâtre National & Sidas Podiatech
With the support of Ville de Mulhouse & Collectivité Européenne d’Alsace

The Munstrum Théâtre company is associated to La Filature, Scène nationale de Mulhouse as well as Le Quai – CDN d’Angers Pays de la Loire & the Théâtre Public de Montreuil, Centre dramatique national.
The company is funded by DRAC Grand Est, Région Grand Est & the City of Mulhouse.