In Extenso, Danses en Nouvelles : Deers

In Extenso, Danses en Nouvelles : Deers

Travelling & Co

A grid on the floor. On stage, a woman and a man. We are given a dance “both simple and complicated” to behold, according to its creator Hervé Robbe. The “Deers” duet is the latest piece in a cycle of performances of variable formats and geographies, named In Extenso, Danses en Nouvelles and initiated in 2018, in partnership with the CNDC in Angers. Like the program’s previous pieces, it is set to music by American composer Charles Ives and original scores by Jérôme Combier. From four to sixteen performers, the choreographer reduces the number to two, while inscribing in space the ghostly memory of a community now reduced to its simplest expression. With movements that sometimes borrow from the energy of krump, the dancers confront their respective otherness, imagining themselves as a deer and a doe, to explore their points of convergence as well as their stranger side. Between lightness, gravitas and presence, this is a moment to discover and share, like a letter personally addressed to each of us. Deers is the fourth part of the In extenso, Danses en nouvelle program.

Creation january of 2023 – Théâtre de l’Olivier, Istres
Duration : 26 min

Choreography Hervé Robbe
Original music Jérôme Combier
Lighting Robin Camus
Sound Jean-François Domingues
Costumes Hervé Robbe
Stage Manager Robin Camus
Administration, production Clémence Huckel (Les Indépendances)

With the dancers Emmanuelle Grach & Pierre Lison

Production Travelling&Co
Studio residencies & hosting La Ménagerie de Verre as part of the StudioLab programme, CN D, Coline – professional training for dancers in Istres.

Travelling&Co is subsidised by DRAC Île-de-France / Ministère de la Culture.

Photographies Matthieu Barret-Pigache