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Hervé Robbe/Travelling & Co

After having spent thirteen years as Artistic Director of the National Choreographic Center of Le Havre Haute-Normandie, Hervé Robbe returned to his artistic and pedagogical journey.
Since 2012 the choreographer has focused on architecture, the plastic arts and image, as well as re-establishing an original dialogue with music in his continuing creative and choreographic work.
This pluridisciplinary approach is visible in three of the pieces he has created, enriched by unique artistic collaborations: Slogans, Dahlias Song and La Tentation d’un Ermitage (The Temptation of a Hermitage). His blending and staging of artistic languages enriches and adds to the choreographic material, opening new areas in the vocabulary of dance.
In 2016, Hervé Robbe began a project melding creation and choreographic heritage. Using the generic title Memories (ou l’oubli) (Memories (or oblivion)), the work involves the archival and fiction as well as new danced movement. A backward journey full of twists and turns, it travels through the landscape of choreographic memory, reinventing itself and proposing a trilogy of creations laid out as a fiction/ documentary series, Remembrance, of a choregraphic work, A New Landscape and of an editorial project, (Re)collection.
In 2018-2019, Hervé Robbe began a new cycle of creations, In Extenso, Danses en Nouvelles… (In Extenso, Dances in Brief…), a series of missives and choreographic episodes which can be combined in various permutations into performance programs.
By touring his pieces and his film projects, Hervé Robbe has created a unique diversity of formats and ideal contexts for the use of choreography, as well as new modalities for their presentation to audiences.
Since 2013, along with his activities as a creator, Hervé Robbe has directed the Choreographic Program of the Royaumont Foundation (PCC), where he presented a cycle of laboratory training for choreographers, called PROTOTYPE.
The company Travelling & Co is funded by the DRAC Ile-de-France / Ministry of Culture.
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